Make sure you have been approved for your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa before you buy your plane ticket. (Go to our Legal Requirements page for more information about applying for and getting Work Permits.)

Look at our 'Locations' page and go to 'Transport' to find the airport closest to your chosen New Zealand Destination (Most major international flights come into either Auckland or Christchurch airports). We would recommend you buy a travel guide such as Lonely Planet where you find travel advice, tips and destination information.

Things you should remember before you leave:

  • check all your insurances, contracts and memberships in case you do not need them while you are away. A lot of companies offer to freeze your account for a year.
  • Health insurance
  • International driver license
  • Copies from important documents like passport, tickets, etc.
  • Credit card and/or traveler cheques, cash money and maybe some New Zealand dollars


You should pack your clothes like you would go for 14 days holiday trip. In summer a jacket and sweater should be included in your luggage should the weather turn cooler or you visit higher altitudes. You can expect some rain, so also include a light rainproof jacket or coat. If visiting between May and September, pack warm winter garments and layer your clothing. Remember you will buy new clothes during your time in New Zealand and everything you pack in your bag you have to carry with you for a year. Don't carry everything in one place! Never pack important documents, medicine or anything you could not do without in checked luggage. Put them in your carryon bag.

You should compile your own personal To Do list to ensure you don't forget anything. You can then relax, and look forward to your New Zealand experience.

When you arrive in New Zealand

First of all you may suffer jet lag for some people it is nothing; for others it can be very tiring as it is a long journey and everything is different from home, so take your time, mentally adjust to your new environment and relax.

We would recommend while you are still at home you sort out where you will stay the first night in New Zealand because when you are exhausted and with luggage in a foreign country finding a place to sleep can be a hassle.Or go with our Option 2 in our charges and we do it for you.

You need only three things to get organized for your work and travel adventure in New Zealand:

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