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If you own or run a hotel or restaurant/cafe in New Zealand and are looking for good quality seasonal or full time staff, we can present you with high calibre professionals looking for work; who have the experience and skills you require.

Why Register

By registering with the New Zealand Job Finder you will save yourself time and money. This is easy to compute: instead of using valuable resources putting an ad in the newspaper, fielding phone calls, setting up interviews, and checking CV’s to find your not so ideal candidate!

Juliearna has come up with an excellent solution with the New Zealand Job Finder. You are able to view how the applicant presents themselves in a 30 second video; allowing you to feel whether they will fit into your work environment.

    The benefits to you are:
  • · We will have checked all candidates’ prior experience and all that is left to you is to contact your ideal employee.
  • · After updating your positions available, the system will regularly send you updated information on eligible employees coming to your area.
  • · Experienced staff looking for a job, simply click on your advertisement and hey presto, a link arrives in your inbox, all you need to do is click on this to view their video and CV.

We take all the hassle out of recruitment for you by ensuring that all candidates that come to post their CV on our website are experienced professionals who have a high standard of personal presentation and speak fluent English. All of the candidates’ profiles we present to you will have been vetted by Juliearna Kavanagh, who has been working in hospitality and running her own businesses in New Zealand for over 20 years, or someone from her highly experienced team.

All your recruitment problems can be solved with the click of a mouse.

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