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New Zealand Job Finder was established in 2009 to link dedicated hospitality professionals with New Zealand businesses searching for experienced staff, thus smoothing the way for a rewarding partnership for both parties.

In May 2009, Juliearna Kavanagh had the fantastic idea of www.newzealandjobfinder.com, an extremely unique idea for vetting hospitality industry staff via online videos. In 2009 this idea was a little bit ahead of its time and Juliearna decided to put it on the back burner to concentrate on her other business interest (Escape to Picton Boutique Hotel) which has become an awarding hotel. In 2009 Escape to Picton won best redeveloped accommodation Hotel in HANZ’ Awards for Excellence and in 2010 was a finalist (top three) in HANZ’ Award for Excellence for Best Restaurant, which was won by Soul in Auckland. As Juliearna followed the phenomenon of selfies, snap chat and Instagram she decided to resurrect the idea of New Zealand Job Finder in 2014 and launch this amazing service!

The idea for the website was based on the difficulties Juliearna had experienced when trying to recruit capable and skilled staff for her own establishments in New Zealand. Some further investigation and 20 years experience in the hospitality business informed her that this problem wasn't just affecting her but quite a number of businesses in the New Zealand hospitality industry. Even during these recessionary times, the volume of tourists visiting the country means that there are still huge opportunities in New Zealand’s hospitality industry for skilled, hard working individuals. With the Cricket World Cup and FIFA U20Football World Cup coming up, we could be in for one of the busiest years ever in 2015. However understanding that the relative isolation of New Zealand and the costs involved with getting here, we know how important it is to find out what the demand for your skills is, before you arrive. Luckily with New Zealand Job Finder we can help to set you up with a few interviews before you even leave.

So, if you’d like a change of pace, to experience a new working environment and to discover one of the most beautiful countries in the world, or travel around your own home country or just find a job in New Zealand then why not check out the opportunities on New Zealand Job Finder.

Our Experience

Juliearna Kavanagh is a business entrepreneur from New Zealand. She has worked in all areas of hospitality from head chef to PR and has also dealt with recruitment and training throughout her 30 year career in the hospitality industry.

Juliearna is from Southland and has been running her own businesses since the age of 18. She was one of Australasia’s youngest nightclub owners, has been a restaurateur, her most famous business was a hotel, restaurant and bar called Kavanagh House. Located just outside Winchester, Timaru, she transformed it from a derelict building in 1994 to a thriving business, securing her a finalist’s place in the HANZ (Hospitality Associations New Zealand) 1999 Best Redeveloped Hotel, Bar and Restaurant in New Zealand Award.

Juliearna left Kavanagh House in 2007 planning to retire,but ended up falling in love with another old building in Picton that she has renovated into a small boutique hotel, restaurant and bar called Escape to Picton (www.escapetopicton.com). 10 years after being a finalist for Kavanagh House, Escape to Picton has recently won the 2009 HANZ Best New / Redeveloped Accommodation Hotel a very prestigious award for this stunning Boutique Hotel.

“One of our specialised staff will be personally checking the candidates for The New Zealand Job Finder,” “I have been placing people from numerous countries in hospitality jobs in New Zealand for a number of years, and this is the first time I have decided to formalise it into a service. These days I can’t eat in any restaurant or stay in any hotel in Europe without people asking me about jobs in New Zealand.”

Juliearna has two children Dillon (21) and Eden (19) and they split their lives between Picton, New Zealand, and Dublin, Ireland.

Our Mission

New Zealand Job Finder was established in 2009 to link dedicated hospitality professionals with New Zealand businesses searching for experienced staff, thus smoothing the way for a rewarding partnership for both parties.

We are passionate about the hospitality industry and believe that committed international hospitality professionals seeking overseas experience have a lot to offer New Zealand businesses not forgetting New Zealanders who are also looking for employment. Our mission is to introduce top class hospitality staff to those businesses using our unique website that also gives employers an opportunity to track down suitable employees before seeing them.

Our website acts as a facilitator in making hospitality jobs easier to access for trained professionals wishing to live and work in New Zealand and to make it simple for NZ businesses to hire staff without the expense and time normally associated with recruitment. This service is also available to New Zealand hospitality staff wishing to be linked with a prospective employer. Our website helps match small to medium businesses with highly qualified and experienced professionals perfectly suited to their businesses. This service comes at an extremely reasonable price and eliminates the need to spend many hours interviewing inexperienced staff.

In a nutshell, our aims are:
With this website, for the first time ever, you are able as an employer to view potential staff from many different countries in a 30second video, each with a fully verified CV this gives you a personal insight into their character.

As an employee you have the opportunity to present yourself in a personal and honest way and in addition you will get all the information you need to know about New Zealand as a country in which to work, live and travel!

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